Mitel HTML Desktop Toolkit

Mitel HTML Desktop Toolkit

Imagine a business phone with no limitations. That day has arrived thanks to the Mitel HTML Desktop Toolkit. Anyone can turn a Mitel 5300 Series IP Phone (Mitel 5360, 5340, 5330, and 5320 IP Phones) into a customized business solution. HTML Toolkit also allows text notifications on the Mitel 5324 and 5312 IP Phones.

The HTML Toolkit allows for the easy development of intelligent phone applications through simple HTML, JavaScript™, and TelML Tags. The applications developed with the HTML Toolkit can dramatically speed up how business is communicated. Place information right at the fingertips of key personnel with applications that are always on and always available.

Applications are developed with standard web publishing software and are enhanced with access to the various API’s provided by the Toolkit. These applications are then delivered to the 5300 Series IP Phones though the HTML Toolkit packager and uploader, which encrypts and places the applications on Mitel Communications Director (MCD).

The HTML Toolkit provides an industry-leading way to graphically customize the large displays of the 5300 Series IP Phones, making them the most powerful business phones available today.

Contact the Mitel Solutions Alliance program to find out how you can customize your phones today, either by yourself or through one of our application development partners.

Mitel HTML Desktop Toolkit features:

  • Mitel 5360 IP Phone Support: Access to all the existing API’s and several new API’s to take advantage of key differentiators of the new 5360 IP Phone.
  • GUI Replacement Applications: Replace the standard Mitel telephony graphical user interface (GUI) with your own customized HTML GUI that can provide employees with up-to-date information fast and conveniently.
  • Full-Page Applications: Program a key to display a complete HTML application that takes up the full display area of the large screen 5300 Series IP Phones.
  • Programmable Key Applications: Program keys to show embedded applications within the standard Mitel telephony GUI.
  • Screen Saver Applications: Customize the phone’s screen saver with an HTML screen saver.
  • Easy Branding Applications: Use screen-saver branding and phone-branded applications to easily apply your own corporate image on any large screen 5300 Series IP Phone.
  • Notification Application: Broadcast graphical corporate notifications in two priorities: high and normal. This functionality also works on the 5312 and 5324 IP Phones (text notifications only).
  • New Page Applications: Extend the standard telephony GUI with three additional customizable pages.
  • Access to TelMel API’s: Control different aspect of the phone with the HTML Toolkit, from 5360 IP Phone touch X,Y coordinates to call handling information.
  • 5360 IP Phone QWERTY Keyboard: Collect information through the embedded keyboard on the 5360 IP Phone.
  • Server Based Applications: Build advanced applications that utilize a redirector application on the phone and a powerful server application that formats any information correct for the phone. Gives developers to integrate 5300 Series Phones into unique business applications.
  • Components Include: HTML Application Packager, HTML Application Uploader, Developer Resources, and Documentation.
  • Automatic Start: allows applications to begin to run automatically right after being enabled on the phone.
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