Mitel 8602 Softphone

Mitel 8602 Softphone

Mitel is pleased to announce general availability of Mitel 8602 Softphone (formerly the Inter-Tel® Model 8602 IP Softphone) with Microsoft® Vista support. The 8602 Softphone is designed to run on a PC, allowing mobile and remote workers to connect to the phone system without losing key features. As a full-featured extension, the 8602 Softphone can be employed as a user’s primary or secondary phone.

The 8602 Softphone is configured in virtually the same manner as other Mitel 8000 Series IP phones. In addition, the 8602 Softphone can be used in conjunction with other productivity applications, such as the Mitel Unified Communicator® 5000 software.

The 8602 Softphone mobilizes the experience of an IP desk phone and requires a minimal learning curve for existing Mitel phone users. Sophisticated firewall and NAT traversal allow users to move effortlessly across networks. Centralized licensing means there is no hardware to track, making it ideal for temporary and remote workers.

Mitel 8602 Softphone features:

  • Feature buttons and icons for easy access to features
  • Six-line display and eight display menu selection buttons that change functions according to the feature selected
  • Tray client that provides graphical representation of the state of the telephone
  • Volume sliders for the microphone and speaker for added control
  • Retractable dial pad to conserve space
  • Mouse and keyboard activated feature control
  • Microsoft XP or Vista operating system support
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